Legal Disclaimer

Since legal advice is the application of the law regarding one particular circumstance and only
licensed attorneys are authorized to give legal advice, this is not to be considered as such, but merely
as information about the law. We provide information about the medical marijuana industry, and state
programs created to help users deal with their own legal needs in a safe and accurate way. We have
put a lot of effort in making sure we provide useful and precise information, nevertheless we
encourage you to consult with a lawyer if you want professional advice regarding how relevant this
information might be when applied to your particular situation. Marijuana is still an illegal substance
under federal law. Therefore, if someone is caught in possession of the substance, they will face
criminal charges under federal jurisdiction. It is not advisable to ship, order or mail marijuana.
Anyone caught holding or distributing medical marijuana without proper authorization will face
criminal charges. Anyone caught acting against California Attorney general’s guidelines (in the state
of California), California Health and Safety code 11362.775, and the proposition 215, SB 420, will
face criminal charges. Please bear in mind that none of the forms, advice or recommendations we can
provide are meant to encourage you to disrespect the federal law in any way, nor are they intended to
assist you to comply with it. Distributing, processing, using and selling marijuana are all federal
crimes. It is also important to point out that you may have to pay federal taxes as if you were a forprofit
entity if you are involved with said crimes, the IRS will not recognize you as a not for profit
for federal tax. Your form consulting must not promote illegal sales or recreational use of marijuana.
Your form consulting must only promote nonprofit medical marijuana businesses in areas where
patient communities are in need of compassion. The only way to legally and safely run a medical
marijuana business is as a nonprofit mutual benefit corporation in accordance with articles of
incorporation filed with the Secretary of State of California, otherwise said businesses are considered

The instructions and paperwork presented here are not meant to transgress, break, perpetuate,
propagate or encourage the breaking of any laws or foster any other illegal activities in areas of the
state, such as districts, commonwealths, counties, cities or parishes. These instructions and paperwork
exist only with the purpose of educating adult participants by presenting complete facts about medical
marijuana laws under the jurisdiction of California Attorney General, and about its medical use,
intended to assist the patients on their treatment. Only DF consultants are responsible for their own
behavior and actions arising from the education received from DF consulting. In case any participant
decides to use this information in order to perpetuate laws under the jurisdiction of California state,
commonwealths, districts, counties, cites or parishes, DF consulting and its employees, lawyers,
consultants and other educators involved shall be held harmless.