The “green” side of legalized cannabis has nothing to do with the color of the plants. Specifically, it refers to a growing method which produces growing times and increases you. The flowering stage starts early with the plants being trained to utilize their canopies efficiently. It’s a perfect option for growers confined to small spaces.

The results are bigger yields, faster flowering times, increased lighting efficiency and improved opportunity for clippings.

Enhancing the earlier flowering stage forces the budding to occur quickly. Due to the small confines of this method, a canopy of buds form that are the beneficiaries of increased lighting.

While this method was initially developed for growers in tight confines, it’s now being utilized by larger manufacturers with multiple growing tables.

The process is called the Sea Of Green technique and is relatively easy to integrate into the growth and manufacturing of legalized cannabis. The method is preferred when growing a minimum of four plants. Because this growth methodology is based on the premise of a collective canopy, too few plants and the light benefit is not optimized. Too many plants and bud production will decrease secondary to branch growth.

Perfecting the lighting is paramount to this growth strategy. Utilization of a vegging light cycle for about 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the strain, is highly effective. Optimal cycling includes 18 hours on and six hours off.

After the short vegging cycle, flowers should begin growing on the plants. At that point, the lighting cycle for the flowering time should switch to 12 hours on and 12 hours off, until the time of harvest.

For those growers or future growers that are just getting into the business, this method sounds relatively straightforward. That’s because it is. A relatively modest investment, by cannabis grower’s standards, can yield a hearty crop. Hearty crops equate to a profitable business model.

There are a number of dispensaries prioritizing their purchasing from growers utilizing this green method. Why, because that’s what their customers are demanding. With medical cannabis usage being the main focus of many dispensaries, using a healthy and hearty growing system leaves the patients with one less health issue to worry about.