The business of legalized cannabis is fun! But “fun” doesn’t necessarily equate to “easy”. And hard work certainly doesn’t equate to impossible. 

No doubt you’ve recently noticed the uptick in websites and social media accounts that relate to legalized cannabis. Interestingly enough, many social media platforms, who have long considered Cannabis a violation of their Terms Of Service (TOS), are now permitting this business vertical to reach their users. One of the garden varieties of online cannabis businesses is those that provide information on the locations of medical marijuana dispensaries. As a medical marijuana patient, locating what you need can be one of your biggest challenges. Once the patient has located a reputable dispensary, this search begins for the proper strain that will best treat their medical needs. The need for that research is what drives the second type of online cannabis business – cannabis education.

As a legalized cannabis community, we all know about the big players: Leafly, weedmaps and allbud. But every month we’re seeing new and innovative players entering the digital landscape. One such informational site is Beaver Bud. Beaver Bud is a departure from you’re typical cannabis information sites. They offer an interesting take on the treatment options that legalized medical marijuana affords to the user. In addition, Beaver Bud delivers detailed information on the most popular legalized cannabis strains on the market today. They also attribute a significant amount of their digital real estate to educational topics related to the side effects of medical marijuana use and how to detox off of cannabis when it is no longer required.

So, have you been thinking about your own online cannabis business? The first place to start is to consider whether or not your concept will violate any of the Terms Of Service of today’s search engines – most specifically Google. And let’s be honest, without a social media presence you don’t exist in today’s business world either. So check your legalized cannabis business concept against the TOS of the current big players: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Once you’ve made sure you won’t be angering the online powers-that-be and get yourself banned, it’s time to start developing your content strategy.

Take a long hard look at your interests and the interests of your friends and family who are legalized cannabis aficionados. Now you need to decide if you want to appeal to a niche audience in the legalized Cannabis vertical or if you want to appeal to the largest populace within legalized cannabis. While appealing to more people may seem like the right answer, that’s not always the case. With a larger audience comes more competition. If you’re able to capitalize on a niche area of the market, you’re more likely to grow quickly with a smaller group of committed customers.

As for the technical side of an online presence, your needs will be determined by your own technical skill set. Some online business owners outsource 100% of their technical needs, while others have the background to do much of it on their own. Only you know where you stand on the tech side of the business. The good news is, if you fall short, there are many sites available to hire freelancers to do the tech work job.

So what do you waiting for? Go develop your concept and launch your site…because the real work doesn’t begin until after this is completed.