As the cannabis industry has enjoyed tremendous growth over the last few years, due in part to legalization efforts from activists, a beneficiary of this growth has been the glass companies that manufacture glass pipes and bongs.

Many smokers who consume medical marijuana oil believe that using a glass pipe enhances their experience. As more glass companies are drawn to the market opportunity that this segment represents, users are being offered many new designs in different sizes and shapes.

A good example of an established glass company that has expanded their product offerings to include glass vaping and smoking accessories is Empir∃ Glassworks. Historically, the company was built on providing glass products for the high end jewelry community for forty years.

Recently, as the cannabis industry has grown, Empir∃ Glassworks was positioned to become a leading manufacturer of glass pipes.

Some other companies that have transitioned from traditional glass blown product lines to glass pipes and accessories include: Hi Si, Burner Glassworks, Illadelph, Chameleon Glass, Mathematix, Scientific Glass, and Pulse Glass. These companies have built reputations as providers of glass pipes, bongs, waterpipes, and bubblers by holding to the highest standards in service, quality, and workmanship. A number of these companies use scientific grade borosilicate glass, manufacture their products in the United States, and offer novelty designs that have become popular with collectors.

Young companies such as Purr, Lotus Glass Works, and Honey Supply are working to carve out their piece of the glass pipe market by offering sleek designs and innovative technology, such as the Helix Swirling Action by Grav Labs. Revere Glass in Berkeley, California, sell their customized glass pipes for anywhere from $300 to over $10,000!

In addition to individual glass companies, there are sites, such as, that offer to package all of your glass smoking accessories in one bundle pack for convenience.

As marijuana continues to gain greater social acceptance and more states consider legalizing its use, these glass companies have established a position in the market which will provide continued growth throughout 2018 and beyond.