The “Green Rush” is here to stay. But that doesn’t mean you need to be picking and planting, to get your piece of the action. Much like the Gold Rush of the mid-1850s, where the bulk of the wealth was generated from the support of the miners, the Green Rush is producing similar results. The legalization of medical marijuana has launched growth in mainstream business markets. Not only have Fortune 500 companies expanded their production lines to fill ancillary needs, but so have Mom and Pop suppliers. Everything from physical plant building products, to manufacturing equipment to cutting shears and glassware, and so much more – it’s all booming!

This push has been accelerated to an even greater degree by the fact that products used within the legalized marijuana vertical can easily be sold online, often under the guise of a different utility. Even in areas of the country that don’t recognize marijuana as a legalized crop, many companies are able to market their products creatively to circumvent legal issues. Glass products are a perfect example of this strategic marketing move. Toker Pack, out of Wilmington, Ohio is, in addition to offering single items for the leisure nicotine smoker, also offering a variety of monthly “smoker” packs. Marketing the combination of online sales of a legalized product like nicotine and combining it with specialized smoking packs, has allowed them to market their glass products to the over 18 crowd legally. Pure genius!

And it doesn’t stop there! Numerous actively traded companies have branched into products as small as ball-bearings used on the production line of legalized marijuana machinery, even though they aren’t in a geographically legalized area. Then there are the real estate venture capitalists who are located outside a legalized marijuana area but that consult to buy and sell land for marijuana production within a legalized region.

The bottom line is that the legalization of marijuana has produced growth in many different types of business’ without them even being within the legalized geographical region. If you are interested in taking a ride on the green growth wagon, look at what you offer as a business. Then analyze where you might fit in. The need is wide and vast and your business probably has something to offer, even if it isn’t initially apparent.