Arkansas has long been a Red state. Republicans control a majority of both chambers of Legislature, the majority of Arkansas’ statewide offices and are expected to easily claim all six electoral votes in the presidential election.

Move over conservatism – legalized marijuana is coming to town! Let the liberals rein!

But wait…it doesn’t really have anything to do with liberals reining in Arkansas. What it does depend on is the compassion of the people living in the Bible Belt. 

Two marijuana issues are currently on the November 8th ballot with at least one expected to narrowly pass. The most significant being the legalization of marijuana for qualifying medical conditions.

Symbolically this is the most important state to vote on the legalization of medical cannabis in this years election. It’s a double dip for supporters everywhere. Not only is the state historically Republican but it also sits firmly in the lap of the Bible Belt.

A win for marijuana legalization in this scenario would make a clear statement that this isn’t just a “liberal stoner” issue. Rather, medical legalization is an issue of compassion and understanding. It’s not liberals versus conservatives duking it out at the polls. It’s compassion that is leading the way.

“If a red conservative state like Arkansas in the Bible Belt can pass medical cannabis, then anybody can,” These words came from Melissa Fults, the campaign lead for one of the medical marijuana proposals going before voters. “People are depending on us. We can’t let them down.”

Four years ago Arkansas voters rejected the balloted medical marijuana proposal; but not by a large margin. With increased support nationally, the state is expected to get enough support to push the proposal through this time – hopefully encouraging more conservative Southern states to join the charge. To vote the ballot of compassion.

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