What do you think the most commonly asked cannabis-related question is these days? Well here it is! 

“How do I break into the cannabis industry?”

The buzz about cannabis business opportunities has reached a feverish pitch. Everybody wants a piece of legalized marijuana. And honestly speaking, unless you’re in the business of mass production, the barrier to entry is relatively low. This should be the best news you’ve heard all week!

There is such a variety of skill sets needed for this rapidly expanding market, that you are bound to possess at least one of them. The majority of the marketplace supporting marijuana legalization has very little, if anything, to do with immediate contact with the actual cannabis plant.

  • If you’re a graphic designer, there’s work for you
  • If you’re a writer, there’s work for you
  • If you specialize in search engine optimization, there’s work for you
  • If your business is accounting or finance, there’s work for you
  • If you specialize in PR, there’s work for you
  • If you’re in real estate, there’s work for you

The list goes on and on. It’s truly endless. Marijuana legalization is a soup-to-nuts opportunity. There are very few skill sets that don’t flexibly fit within the parameters of what is needed in this expanding market.

While all of the support services required to grow the cannabis business infrastructure must be in place, no singular group of providers is better positioned for success than the business entrepreneur. In rapidly expanding industries, the business entrepreneur – and the vision that they possess – is integral to everyone’s success. While the cannabis entrepreneur stands to make the most money, they also serve as a consultant to all of the support services. And that’s a win-win. The cannabis entrepreneur can provide insight through a unique looking glass that only entrepreneurs possess. That’s not to say that you can’t be visionary in this marketplace if you have one of the specific skill sets mentioned above. It’s just that the cannabis entrepreneur can provide the 35,000 foot view.

Getting back to the question at hand, “How do I break into the cannabis industry?” – it’s fairly straight forward. Align yourself with reputable people and reputable organizations that can teach you, brainstorm with you, and connect you to the people you need to know to be successful in the legalized marijuana industry.


  • Subscribe to a journal that publishes high quality business-related marijuana news
  • Join legitimate online cannabis groups and forums
  • Visit a national-level cannabis conference

Once you have initiated your networking processes, you’ll have a better understanding of how your skill sets fit into the rapidly expanding marijuana marketplace. After that, it’s all about aligning yourself with individuals and organizations that can help you market your strengths inside the cannabis industry.

And let’s not forget – if cannabis is a straight “money play” for you, carefully chosen “green” stocks are always an option!

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