Marijuana LegalizationYesterday a new Gallup poll was released and the results were extraordinarily optimistic for everyone in the cannabis marketplace. According to Gallup, 60% of adult Americans are in favor of marijuana legalization. While Gallup has been polling this identical question for 47 years, there has never been a higher level of support.

In 1969, when the question was initially posed to the American public, only 12% were in favor of legalizing marijuana. There was a brief bump in support in the late 70s – The Hippie Generation – but as those Americans grew up, had children and stop smoking recreational weed as frequently, numbers decreased and stabilized.

The last decade has been a windfall for nearly every age demographic. With the most favorable demographics being the 18 to 34 year old, the sharpest gain in legalization support has come from the 35-year-old and up age group – the financially stable future and present cannabis entrepreneurs who recognized the money to be made. Though the 55 and up demographic  is currently lagging behind the other age groups in their support, their level of support is still historically the highest it’s ever been.

Probably the most surprising statistics from the recent Gallup Poll is that marijuana legalization support among Republicans has more than doubled in just the past 10 years. While independent voters were the most supportive, as would be expected, they barely edged out the Democrats. Many believe that the political tides have turned because that’s what the general populace wants to see from the politicians that speak for them. Public opinions have changed with a bent toward more liberal thinking, which includes marijuana legalization, same-sex marriage and gay rights.

When November 8th rolls around, there will be five states deciding whether to legalize marijuana for personal use: California, Nevada, Arizona, Massachusetts and Maine. Four additional states will have medical marijuana on their ballots.

The big winner state this November is set to be California, as polling is showing a 2-1 margin in support of marijuana legalization. With current and future cannabis entrepreneurs preparing to set up shop in California, on November 9th the big marijuana news will be not when or how, but “how much?”

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