australia-marijuana-toke2013-largeIt’s an exciting time to be an Aussie! A medical cannabis bill has been passed in Queensland, Australia that will provide regulatory framework permitting drug access by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. What does that mean if you live in Australia? It means that physician specialists, who applied to TGA and have been accepted, will now have the ability to prescribe cannabis to patients with severe and/or chronic medical conditions.

Australian Health Minister Cameron Dick laid the bill out clearly in front of a supportive parliament. He explained that both synthetic and botanically derived cannabis products are now officially free game for prescribing purposes to pre-approved medical practitioners.

“This bill will change the paradigm for seriously ill patients who often feel compelled to seek out illicit cannabis treatment options”, the Health Minister stated.

In addition to the medical cannabis bill being passed, two laws that passed earlier this month provided extra provisions that will benefit the medical cannabis patient. But that’s not all. The Australian Capital Territory government announced plans recently to develop a medicinal cannabis program in the capital of Canberra and New South Wales developed their own medical marijuana program this past August.

With the rapid escalation of medical marijuana supporters, those involved with the Civil Liberties Council have made it clear that Australia is just getting started. Additional processes need to be put into place that would supply native production of cannabis. Without these stringent rules and regulations, there is concern that the industry could fall back to a less structured market that would encourage the medical marijuana patient to seek out unregulated sources.

If you’re thinking that the current Australian landscape is looking like a new place to call home, you might want to consider waiting until the second quarter of 2017 to relocate. The new medical cannabis bill isn’t expected to take effect until March 2017.

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